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The purpose of the learning credited in this unit standard is to ensure that learners are able to safely load, secure and off-load freight carried on vehicles. Credited learners can adhere to given time frames and specified requirements for specific types of freight. Improved general freight loading prevents accidents where vehicles lose loads, and ensures that loads and persons are not damaged or injured. If the condition of loads is preserved, customer service and profitability are improved, and the professional image of the transport sector will be maintained. This set of competence is transferable to all other fields where loading of general freight is required, and thus improves the employability of credited learners.

Credited learners are capable of:

  • Preparing for loading/off-loading processes according to specified procedures.
  • Loading general freight according to context requirements.
  • Securing general freight according to product requirements.
  • Off-loading general freight according to specified procedures.