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The purpose of the learning is to ensure that professional drivers are able to deliver road transport services in a professional manner by contextualising their own service delivery within the broader sector and industry, planning their trips, and anticipating various scenarios that may occur once they are driving vehicles on the open road. By achieving this unit standard, learners are able to make informed choices regarding their own performance, as well as the performance of vehicles. This will improve the level of road transport service, and will ensure that unnecessary expenditure is prevented, improving the profitability of road transport service delivery. The competencies attained to achieve this unit standard will allow the learner to pursue a career in any related road transport service area.

Credited learners are capable of:

  • Contextualising the road transport sector within the transport industry.
  • Describing vehicle components according to manufacturer specifications.
  • Planning for road transport trips according to specified contexts.
  • Explaining the impact of specific conditions in terms of vehicle and driver performance.